Baby gender reveal gets wild when couple invites 10-foot gator that's 'like family'

Mike Kliebert and Rebecca Miller with Sally, the alligator, after their gender reveal party.
Mike Kliebert and Rebecca Miller with Sally, the alligator, after their gender reveal party.

The national trend of over-the-top baby gender reveals took a strange twist over the weekend when a couple invited a 10-foot alligator to participate in the big moment.

It involved a Louisiana couple and video of the dad-to-be pulling open the alligator's mouth has become a Facebook sensation, with 7 million views and more than 92,000 shares in three days.

At one point, the alligator goes "on the run," forcing party guests to step back as it's wrestled back into submission.

The man doing the wrestling is Mike Kliebert and it turns out he and the expectant mom, Rebecca Miller, are professional alligator handlers from Ponchatoula, Louisiana. In fact, he owns a 23-acre tourist attraction that is home to 300 alligators, among other slimy things.

In the video, 33-year-old Kliebert is seen pulling open the jaws of the gator, so he can toss in a hollowed-out melon.

When the alligator snaps down, the melon explodes, sending blue Jell-O splattering across the lawn.

Cue the applause: They're having a boy.

The alligator used in the video is 61-year-old Sally, Kliebert told Today.com. She responds to her name and can understand color signals and basic commands, the site reported.

"We wanted to incorporate the alligators, who are like family, into this big moment in our lives," he told CountryLiving.com. "I wouldn't have had any other gator do the reveal; my grandpa hatched her in 1957."

The video was posted Sunday by the proud grandmother, Melody Kliebert, and it has earned the couple both admiration for their creativity and some criticism for "letting loose a wild animal" at a party.

"I just watched a gender reveal video on Facebook where a guy...has to wrestle the alligator to stop it from attacking his family," tweeted Ryan Broderick, a global news director for BuzzFeed.

Mike Kliebert told Today.com that many of those who attended are people work as professional alligator wranglers at his business, Kliebert Gator Tours.

"Before you bash us, you should understand what we do," he posted on Facebook. "We love our family and our alligators!"

Among the many commenters on Twitter is model Christine Teigen, who seemed to take a humorous view of the proceedings.

"Aaah yes, the classic Jell-O watermelon alligator snap gender reveal," she tweeted. "Who could ever get enough of these precious moments."