WWE stars like Ric Flair earn big money signing autographs. Who charges the most?

Autograph sessions with fans have become a lucrative business for retired WWE stars, with icons like Ric Flair charging as much as $15,000 for a two-hour signing event and $20,000 for three hours, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

But Flair's rates are actually considered a bargain by wrestling aficionados.

The Sportster compiled a list of the prices charged by 15 former WWE stars, and it decided that Flair, a former Charlottean, is a bargain at $45.

"The Nature Boy is a beloved figure in wrestling and could easily charge a lot more money than he does because fans would pay it," says The Sportster writer Matthew Wilkinson.

So who is the most expensive WWE retiree on the list?

Hulk Hogan charges $300 for an autograph and picture, which The Sportster called "absolutely scandalous."

That's up $50 from what he was charging a decade ago, based on a search by the Charlotte Observer.

Other big names on The Sportster list: Goldberg ($75); Bret Hart ($75 to $150, depending on whether you want VIP treatment); Sting ($100 without makeup, $130 with makeup); and Shawn Michaels ($150 for standard photo and autograph).

Fans can search the internet in hopes of finding cheaper options, but the prices can be even higher online when postage is included. And then there's the risk of getting a fake autograph.

Flair's autographs on SportsMemorabilia.com range from $58 to $272, and Hogan's autographs range from $75 to $300 on the site.

Flair actually has his own website and sells autographed 8-by-10 color photos at a cost of $75. Earlier this year, the shop stirred up a controversy when it marketed autographed copies of something called “The WOOOOO Compromise.” For $50, fans got an autographed copy of a sexual consent contract for women who wanted to engage in intimate activity with Flair on a date.

The contract was pulled from the site shortly after, reportedly after the WWE complained it was in poor taste.

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