Couple saw a dog struggling in a SC river. It was actually something much larger

You can add one more thing to the list of what's biting in Carolina waterways.

A South Carolina couple told TV station WCIV they spotted what they thought was a stray dog in the middle of one of South Carolina's popular coastal rivers, but a video of the moment proves it was something quite different.

"We saw a black bear swimming across the Black River!" says Renee Culbertson, who posted the video on Facebook. "Amazing!"

What was a bear doing in a river? The doggy paddle, it seems.

The couple coasted alongside the bear until it reached the river bank .... not that they could have rescued it or anything.

The murky Black River is in Georgetown County, between popular tourist destinations like Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

She told WCIV they spotted the bear about 7 p.m. Saturday. It was between canals in the Wedgefield area, according to her Facebook page.

Culbertson's minute-long video has gotten 25,000 views since she posted it Sunday. Reactions have ranged from disbelief to fear for the bear's safety. Plenty have also wanted to know where the video was shot, so they could avoid that area in the river.

What was a black bear doing in the black river? The doggy paddle, it seems. Facebook video screenshot/Renee Culbertson

"I thought we only had to worry (about) snakes and alligators! Now we have to worry about bears!" posted Meg Thomy of Lake City, S.C. "Pools are seeming...safer these days!"

"An amazing sight," Hazel Wehunt Winstead of North Litchfield Beach, S.C., wrote on Culbertson's Facebook page. "Would have loved and (been) scared at the same time seeing this."

The couple's discovery comes just three weeks after town officials in the popular Outer Banks community of Duck put out a warning that a bear had taken a liking to its beach. Photos were posted of the bear enjoying a sunset stroll.

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