Wonder what it’s like to come face to face with 12-foot great white shark? Watch this

Underwater footage posted by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy this week shows not only what it’s like to come face to face with a 12-foot shark, but how fast it can happen.

The shark comes and goes in just six seconds.

In the video, a female great white shark darts straight at the camera, bumps into it, then points one haunting black eye at the viewer before swimming away.

A close up view of a row of jagged teeth is included.

The footage, which has been watched nearly 5,000 times, was captured July 13 by shark expert Dr. Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Facebook post.

Some viewers on Facebook have been understandably unnerved by the video.

“Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh!!!!!” posted Victoria Nilan in response to the footage. “Remind me to stay away from there.”

The video is one of several posted this month on social media featuring great white shark activity off Cape Cod. Two were shared by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, showing sharks devouring unlucky seals in view of swimmers and boaters.

“Cape locals and visitors are getting quite the show this season,” conservancy president Cynthia Wigren told the Boston Globe on Wednesday.

Skomal captured his footage off Cape Cod’s Nauset Beach, using a GoPro camera attached to a pole, the conservancy says.

He is working with the conservancy on a multi-year study to determine how many great white sharks are living in the northwest Atlantic Ocean, according to a July 13 YouTube video posted by the project.

The study requires recording video of a shark before tagging it for tracking. The footage is used to identify the shark, according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. Skomal also takes tissue samples, the conservancy says.

Among the benefits: The tags are linked to a Sharktivity app that allows people to use their phones to track shark movements off beaches in the area, says the conservancy’s website.

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