Fish turn up in odd places... like a farmer’s bean field... after record rain in NC

Nearly a foot rain has fallen over parts of coastal North Carolina since Friday, leading to fish turning up in places where they don’t belong.

A Facebook post says one Outer Banks family caught two spot and three croaker off their back porch in Manteo, while a video posted by Pasquotank County officials showed fish swimming through in a farmer’s field.

Not little fish, but fish in the 12-inch range, flopping and squirming as they searched for deep spots between rows of soy beans.

“This field is full of fish!” says a clearly amused Carolyn Jennings in the minute-long video. “Isn’t that cool?...You can pick him up with your hands.”

Jennings, a retired school principal, filmed the scene Tuesday afternoon near the Shiloh community in Camden County. She was accompanied by her husband, Clarence Jennings, and 7-year-old grandson, Zade Jennings, who can be heard in the video worrying the fish may not find their way home.

The video has been viewed 57,000 times and shared more than 1,300 times since being posted Tuesday by Pasquotank County.

None of the Facebook commenters seems surprised, with Heidi Ritter noting: “Almost everything is waterfront now.”

More than a few “farm fresh” puns have been made, and at least one man wondered if you can shoot a fish in a farmer’s field.

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North Carolina has seen record breaking rain in July, with more than 16 inches recorded at Cape Hatteras by the National Weather Service. That breaks the previous monthly record of 14 inches set back in 1949, officials say.

The National Weather Service has been keeping rainfall records for Cape Hatteras since 1893.

Six inches fell since Monday, explaining why fish were able to leave lakes and creeks so easily. Runoff has washed over roads, flooding campgrounds and surrounding tourist attractions, according to the National Park Service.

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