Uptown Charlotte’s well known ‘Jesus Saves Guy’ injured in reported assault Wednesday

If you haven’t seen Sam Bethea, widely known as “The Jesus Saves Guy” in uptown, you’ve likely heard him.

Lately, Bethea can be seen walking around uptown wearing a medical boot.

“It could’ve been my head. Thank God it’s just my foot,” he tells a woman in uptown Wednesday.

The “good news” sharer says not everyone greets him with a smile and recently, someone shoved him.

“He pushed me, then he turned around and walked away. He had no regard for human life,” Bethea says.

Bethea says it was the leader of another religious group who pushed him into a fountain causing him to sprain his ankle and break his cell phone.

“I was thinking about justice and having him learn a lesson for what he’d done,” Bethea says.

Bethea called police and filed a report but says his feelings toward the man have since changed.

“The Lord just told me, mercy,” he says. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy ... because we all want to be forgiven, we all want to feel mercy.”

Bethea knows not everyone minds his message. One man confronted him about his sprained ankle on a corner in uptown Wednesday.

“That’s what the rest of you is going to look like, if you keep fighting with everyone else out here,” the man said.

“I welcome it all,” Bethea says. “The yay sayers and nay sayers, positive ones, negative ones and it’s just taught me, to just love. Because where love is felt the message is heard.”

“I love you my friend,” Bethea responded to the man.