Deputies: Loaded gun found on 12-year-old student at Union County middle school

A 12-year-old student at East Union Middle School was found with a gun in their possession at school Wednesday afternoon.

A loaded .380 caliber was found after school administrators received a tip that the student was seen displaying the handgun in front of other students, according to a release from the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The juvenile, whose name will not be released under state law, was brought to the office and a Union County sheriff’s deputy assigned as the school resource officer seized the gun after speaking with the student, officials say.

Deputies also say metallic knuckles were found in the student’s possession.

The student was taken to the Union County Sheriff’s Office and was charged with a felony count of having a firearm on educational property, a misdemeanor count of having a weapon (metallic knuckles) on educational property and a misdemeanor count of possession of a handgun as a minor.

According to the release, there is no evidence that the student threatened any students with the firearm, however detectives are investigating where the student received the firearm and why it was on school property.

The student will remain in a juvenile confinement facility until a custody hearing occurs before a judge.