Will my house flood? Find out here before Hurricane Florence hits

Hurricane Florence is expected to bring dangerous rainfall to the Carolinas later this week, with 20 to 25 inches forecast in multiple counties, says National Hurricane Center.

Isolated areas of 40 inches of rain are also forecast by NOAA, as the storm appears poised to stall in a slow trek toward land.

Could your home flood under the weight of three or four days of heavy rain?

There are sites to find out in both Carolinas.

North Carolina has created a Flood Risk Information System to provide the answer. The site allows you to plug in your address and county to see your flood risk along with an aerial view of your home. To find out your risk, visit: https://fris.nc.gov/fris/Home.aspx?ST=NC.


For South Carolina and beyond, check the FEMA Flood Map Service Center, which allows you to search by address or coordinates.

To check the FEMA map, go to https://msc.fema.gov/portal/search

FEMA flood map screenshot

Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall late Thursday or early Friday morning in the Carolinas. Storm winds could show up late Wednesday, says the National Hurricane Center.

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