Escaped monkey attacks NC man’s neighbor. Fortunately, the HVAC repairman was armed

A snow monkey escaped its backyard cage Friday and attacked a neighbor before an HVAC repairman shot and killed it, police in the coastal NC community of Shallotte told The Charlotte Observer Friday evening.

The monkey, also known as a Japanese macaque, “just went bananas,” immediately attacking the next-door neighbor as she talked outside with an HVAC repairman Friday afternoon, Shallotte Detective Sgt. John Holman told the Observer in a phone interview.

The monkey bit the woman and scratched her arms and legs, drawing blood, police said.

The monkey then ran across the street and banged on a neighbor’s glass door, Shallotte Officer Jordan King told the Observer in a separate phone interview. As the repairman approached, the monkey turned and ran at the man, Holman said. The repairman shot and killed it with one shot from his small Glock handgun, according to Holman.

The man had a concealed carry permit, and police said they plan no charges against him.

“He was protecting the citizen and the neighborhood,” Holman said.

Holman said the monkey’s owner told police the monkey was an “aggressive” one.

The monkey was among several the next-door neighbor owned, along with other exotic pets, Holman said. He was properly licensed to keep the animals, according to Holman.

The injured woman refused treatment at the scene, police said, but her boyfriend took her to the hospital anyway.

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