‘Revenge video’? Snake-bite victim shows how to deep pan fry diamondback rattlesnake

A dead diamondback rattlesnake has become a hit on YouTube, after a survivalist and recent rattlesnake-bite victim posted a how-to video of himself deep frying and eating the reptile.

The video, titled “Pan Frying Rattlesnake,” was uploaded in October by Texan Bob Hansler and it has gotten 540,000 video views, along with 2,100 comments from people both intrigued and nauseated at the sight of a sizzling rattlesnake.

“We’re going to show you how we do it down South,” says Hansler, a former biology teacher who had a severe reaction to a diamondback rattlesnake bite in September.

“This is a western diamondback rattlesnake (that) one of the neighbors dropped off here last night. They ran this over and brought it to me, so fresh snake.”

He skins the snake off camera, then soaks it in two eggs before breading and frying it “catfish style” over an open fire.

Among the things we learn over the next 16 minutes:

  • When it comes to frying a rattlesnake, it’s less about time and more about waiting for a “golden brown color.”
  • The taste is kind of like alligator. “Reptile itself is a very oily meat,” Hansler says, as he chews.
  • Hansler’s dog, Huckleberry, is offered a piece of fried snake -- twice -- and turns it down both times.
  • Rattlesnake also makes a good soup.
  • Venom “becomes completely inert during the cooking process.”

Among the thousands of reactions to the video was a joker who called the recipe “Shake-n-Snake,” and one horrified man who said he who thought he was tuning into a hair weave tutorial.

Two people pointed out they’d never eat anything a dog turned down, and several called the cooking lesson “a revenge video.”

Hansler, who has 175,000 YouTube subscribers, spent three days in intensive care in September, after being bitten by an “angry, aggressive” diamondback rattlesnake. He was with a group hiking at the time, according to GoFundMe campaign that raised $4,300 for medical expenses.

He doesn’t mention the snake bite in the video, but commenters didn’t miss the irony.

“I’m surprised you didn’t throw it on ice after cooking it,” commented viewer Jon M. “After all, revenge is a dish best served cold. I’m sure this particular meal felt extra satisfying after recent events. “

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