Monstrous creature ‘turned its head and looked straight at our car,’ Kentucky woman says

A woman is reported to have seen a frightening “creature” on a road outside the eastern Kentucky town of Sandy Hook, prompting an investigation by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

The group released a “follow-up report” this month that concludes the woman saw something that wasn’t human. Sandy Hook is about 100 miles east of Lexington, Kentucky.

“She described it as a walking tree,“ investigator Jack Smarr said after interviewing the woman.

His report stops short of declaring it was Bigfoot, a legendary “ape-like creature” that remains more a popular myth than a scientific fact, according to Live Science.com.

Claims of Bigfoot sightings have been reported across the nation for decades, including a 2017 night-time encounter in the woods of McDowell County, North Carolina.

Founded in 1995, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization says it is oldest and largest “scientific research organization exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery.”

Smarr says he interviewed the Kentucky woman about her experience, calling it a Class B incident in which a “possible sasquatch was observed at a great distance or in poor lighting.”

The woman, who he declined to name, is reported to have seen “a creature” while she was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle, about 7:45 p.m. on Oct. 18.

“At some point, I started screaming...‘there is something in the road!’,” the woman is quoted saying.

“I’m looking at this thing which is...at least 7 ft tall. It was the color of a tree...It turned its head and looked straight at our car.”

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The woman’s husband saw only “a strange shadow, but not the creature,” says the Bigfoot Field Research report.

Smarr says “the entire episode lasted only 3 to 5 seconds” and the animal was nearly 100 feet away.

Social media reaction to the sighting includes one man who says he, too, has seen a “being the same color as a tree,” but it was in western North Carolina. He wrote that he is relieved to learn someone else has seen the same thing.

“What I saw has a pattern and a color scheme to its fur that, in my opinion, closely resembles what looks to be tree bark,” posted Charles Eric Presnell of Burnsville, N.C., on Facebook.

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