North Carolina man with master’s degree gives up possessions and home to live in hut

There’s a man in Cleveland County who lives a lot different from the average person.

The life he’s made for himself is more about Mother Nature. A lifestyle that’s outdoors isn’t for everybody. For Matt Colombo it’s perfect, as there’s no place he’d rather be.

It was almost a year ago when Colombo traded in most of his possessions and a job with the government to live in this hut.

It‘s made entirely out of wood and he built it all by himself.

“It’s a pretty short tour. This is my bed/couch so it’s a sleeping bag and there’s a bunch of wool blankets in there,” said Colombo.

He’s able to keep warm through the winter with a fire stove that sits right in the middle of the hut. He also has a large kitchen that’s outside too. His pantry is stocked with vegetables, fruit and anything else you can eat out in the wild.

“I also eat deers that get hit by cars. Not that are run over, but that get hit in the head and die on the side of the road,” Colombo admitted.

Colombo still uses a cell phone and drives a car. He hasn’t gone rogue. The land he lives on is owned by his friends who have a house there.

“I have everything that I need and everything a normal person would have access to,” Colombo continued.

Colombo says his journey started when he realized he wasn’t living a fulfilling life.

He has a master’s degree and grew up to live a normal life for the most part, but his love for the environment seemed to consume him.

“I knew I wanted to move in this direction, but I didn’t know it was possible. That was really thing. I didn’t know how to do it,” he said.

So he started to learn more about Native Americans and how they used to live.

He says his findings inspired him to be less materialistic. It’s a decision that not all his loved ones approve of.

“I have some family members that are waiting until this break from regular life is over and I’ll go back to what I was doing before, but I just don’t see that happening,” Colombo said.

Colombo takes it to a whole new level of creating a life that he loves.

Colombo does give tours of his home and offers different classes for people to learn how to build a fire, chop wood and more.