Dale Earnhardt Jr. admits it took a year to find a race car lost on his own property

Facebook screenshot

Retired NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. admitted something a little embarrassing on Facebook Thursday, and it illustrates just how unkempt his home is north of Charlotte.

Earnhardt says it took him an entire year to find a vintage race car on his own property, known as Dirty Mo Acres.

The elusive vehicle was discovered this week among the dozens of wrecked cars that make up Earnhardt’s infamous “Racecar Graveyard.” The exact location of the patch of woods near Mooresville has been referred to as a “secret,” but Earnhardt has a growing list of the cars posted on his website, DaleJr.com.

“I’ve been looking for this car for about a year,” Earnhardt wrote, posting a photo of a converted “land speed car” that belonged to Xfinity Series owner Wayne Jesel.

“I say I’ve been looking for it, because my property manager never tells me where he puts the new additions,” Earnhardt said. “That just adds to the mystery of the graveyard.”

Earnhardt said Jesel’s old car is a prize because “these cars would compete on airport runways to run over 200 mph in a one mile trap from a standing start.”

Jalopnik.com reported in 2017 that Earnhardt’s approach is to treat the often gnarled wrecks as a “piece of potential NASCAR history.”

The graveyard has more than 75 cars in it, including Earnhardt’s wrecked cars and those of other NASCAR drivers, according to the website It’s A Southern Thing.

I didn’t buy any of them,” Earnhardt told Yahoo! Sports in 2012. “We get a forklift or a tractor with a forklift or front-end loader and just carry it into the woods and just set it out there somewhere.”