Duke Lemur Center welcomes twin ring-tailed lemurs

Courtesy of the Duke Lemur Center.
Courtesy of the Duke Lemur Center.

The Duke Lemur Center in Durham is celebrating the addition of two new ring-tailed lemur princesses Thursday in a news release and video.

Both lemurs will be named Princess Julien, named after King Julien XII, a character of DreamWorks’ “Madagascar” and the Netflix original series, “All Hail King Julien.”

King Julien seemed a little surprised to hear that he wouldn’t be passing his crown down to a future king, but two is better than one – especially two named after the king himself.

“My first royal duty will be to teach Princess Julien and Princess Julien how to shake their booties and party in the most regal of ways,” King Julien said in an exclusive interview with the Duke Lemur Center.

The twins were born May 4 weighing in at 59 and 48 grams, respectively, to the center’s Sophia and Randy. The center waited a month to announce the births after monitoring the lemurs, but now, everyone can celebrate with King Julien.

The Duke Lemur Center will hold an official naming ceremony for Princess Julien and Princess Julien on June 20 during Lemurpalooza.

Keep up with the princesses on King Julien’s Facebook page.