Snake skin wrapped in cardboard serves as tasty snack for bald eagle, video shows

American bald eagles may be regal looking, but they’re disgusting eaters, judging from a video released by North Carolina wildlife officials.

In the 50-second clip, a bald eagle named Maverick is shown celebrating the Fourth of July with “an enrichment snack” at the N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

The icky ingredients in the burrito were nothing short of nauseating, however.

“Our Animal Care Team wrapped quail and fish in a snakeskin and kept it snug in a cardboard tube,” the aquarium said in a Facebook post.

Apparently, “foraging through the tube and snake” skin is considered stimulating for bald eagles, the post explained.

The process also shows Maverick is no dummy, as he’s clearly seen chewing the meat and spitting out the cardboard. (That’s if you consider dropping something out of your beak to be “spitting.”)

Maverick’s residency at the aquarium is more than a little ironic, given bald eagles eat marine animals. However, the staff noted he has coexisted peacefully with fish there since 2014, after being rescued with a broken wing.

The price he pays includes a sort of social media stardom, with Facebook videos of him doing everything from eating cake to taking a bath, the latter of which got nearly 5,000 page views on Facebook.

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