Woman ‘terrified’ after a snake in her toilet was ‘trying to climb out,’ video shows

Screenshot of Facebook video post

A Tennessee woman was “terrified” after lifting her toilet seat cover to discover a slithering snake coming up and out of the water.

“Y’all I can’t make this up, a dang snake was in my toilet,” Christen Kiefert of Hixson, near Chattanooga, posted on Facebook with a video of the snake slinking about in her toilet water.

“You hear about it on (Facebook) or sometimes tv but I would have never imagined it would happen to me,” Kiefert said in Thursday’s post, which she ended with three startled-look emojis. “Be careful before you use the bathroom and always check to see if anything is in there before you sit down.”

“I freaked out,” Kiefert said in response to a friend’s question on Facebook, adding the snake’s entire body “was in the toilet and it’s head was trying to climb out before I got the video. I’ll never be able to use the bathroom again.”

Kiefert told Chattanooga station WTVC that a maintenance crew at her apartment complex taped the toilet shut until a pest control worker removed the serpent on Friday. The reptile appears to have been a common non-venomous garter snake, the station reported.

Eastern garter snakes also are found in every North Carolina county, according to NCHerps.org. They’re common throughout the rest of the Southeast and all other parts of North America, according to the University of Georgia Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.

Social media reacted to Kiefert’s post with similar fright.

“I have NOT been able to use the bathroom without having full blown anxiety since I seen this last night!” Haley Hicks posted.

“I’m pretty sure I died just WATCHING THIS!!” Cassie Marshall wrote.

Posted Crystal Carden: “This is why I always look in the toilet for a sec before I go lol after seeing this on tv etc I have had a fear of this happening to me.”

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