Thief gets shoutout from NC beach shop for returning stolen stuff with heartfelt note

This is the letter posted by Mia’s Marketplace on its Facebook page.
This is the letter posted by Mia’s Marketplace on its Facebook page. Facebook screenshot

A beach gift shop in Surf City, North Carolina, took the unusual step of thanking a shoplifter this week, after it says the culprit admitted guilt in a heartfelt letter and returned the stolen jewelry.

Mia’s Marketplace posted the hand-written confession Wednesday, prompting more than 400 reactions, comments and shares in the past day, many of them from people lauding the thief’s change of heart.

“Last week, I was with some of my friends at your shop. We were goofing off and being bad. I stole one of the necklaces,” said the shoplifter’s letter. “When I got home I felt really bad. I’m sorry that I did that... so I’m bringing it back to you.”

Inside the letter was a popular “Kendra Scott” brand woman’s necklace, the store said.

“I don’t know who you are,” said the store’s response on Facebook, “but we at Mia’s, are all very proud of you for your honesty.”

Mia’s Marketplace is a boutique on Topsail Island that Sandi Lowry and her husband opened in 2012. The couple, who moved to Surf City in 2009, sell mostly resort apparel, jewelry and gifts.

Sandi Lowry told The Charlotte Observer the letter was delivered to the shop with a bunch of other packages and it brought tears to her eyes.

She decided to post a response on Facebook to show her gratitude.

“It warmed my heart and it makes you wonder a little bit: What’s the back story?” Lowry told the Observer. “Whoever this is, I hope they’re on social media, because I want them to know how proud I am of them. I don’t know if they’re 10 or 50 years old, but I wanted it out there in hopes they would see it.”

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