Charlotte firefighters use crane, rope to rescue uptown construction worker from building

A construction worker was helped to safety Saturday morning by firefighters and first responders during a “high angle rescue” in uptown Charlotte.

A woman chancing upon the scene captured the rescue in a video and watched as firefighters used a ladder, rope and crane to help the construction worker around 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

Dawn Reid told The Charlotte Observer she happened to be walking along South College Street when she saw a firefighter being lowered from the building on a rope while clutching a rescue basket that held the construction worker. It’s unclear if or how the worker was injured.

“Not clear what proceeded it, but came across the rescue itself and it was awe inspiring,” Reid tweeted with video and pictures from the scene. The construction site is at the corner of South College and Stonewall streets.

Charlotte fire officials did not immediately say why the worker needed to be rescued or how high the worker was on the high-rise building under construction. A Charlotte Fire Department tweet describe the incident only as a “high-angle rescue.”

Reid’s video and photos show the worker was at least three stories up when rescued.

In a tweet just before 9 a.m. fire officials said 18 firefighters “rescued & removed the construction worker to safety in 27 minutes” and that Mecklenburg County EMS would evaluate his condition.

This is a developing story. Check here for updates.

Joe Marusak has been a reporter for The Charlotte Observer since 1989 covering the people, municipalities and major news events of the region, and was a news bureau editor for the paper. He currently reports on breaking news.