York County enters drought stage; residents asked to conserve water

The South Carolina Drought Response Committee has upgraded the drought status to Stage 1 (or “incipient drought”) for York and 27 other counties, citing low levels of rainfall across the state.

The city of Rock Hill has also declared drought conditions and is asking city water customers to voluntarily reduce water usage. The city is aiming for an overall system reduction of 3 percent to 5 percent.

The city is asking residents to:

▪ Reduce the use of sprinklers in favor of “low-volume, drip irrigation and hand-held watering.”

▪ Water lawns no more than two days a week.

▪ Go to car washes that use recycled water instead of washing cars at home.

▪ Reduce washing of “hard surface areas” such as driveways or sidewalks and washing buildings for “purposes other than immediate fire protection.”

▪ Reduce flushing of gutters.

City and state officials will continue to monitor water levels and update drought conditions as needed. Further actions will be announced if necessary.

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