Crow briefly knocks out power to 3,000 in Rock Hill

A fish crow perches atop a tree limb.
A fish crow perches atop a tree limb.

An errant crow has been determined to be the cause of a power outage that affected more than 3,000 in Rock Hill, according to town officials.

Reports began coming in about 11 a.m. Friday that power had gone out along the Interstate 77 corridor near Dave Lyle Boulevard. Power was restored by 12:15 p.m.

No further details were immediately available. It’s not uncommon for animals to cause power outages. Generally, it happens when small animals climb on or fly into equipment like transformers and fuses, according to Duke Energy.

The outage in Rock Hill came on the same day that more than 3,000 homes lost power in the Dilworth area of Charlotte. That outage was caused by a car accident.