York man finishes T-Rex sculpture in his yard

Pete Kohman built this T-Rex sculpture from galvanized steel in the front yard of his home near York.
Pete Kohman built this T-Rex sculpture from galvanized steel in the front yard of his home near York. news@enquirerherald.com

Pete Kohman and his family have enjoyed a bit of notoriety as the folks with the T-Rex in their front yard.

Kohman recently finished building his 28-foot long, nearly 12-foot tall dinosaur, snarling viciously at the street. He used galvanized steel left after he removed the above-ground swimming pool in his backyard.

“We are well known around town,” quipped his wife, Jenelle Kohman. “We are the house with the T-Rex.”

Pete Kohman, 36, works as an estimator for a Rock Hill glass company, but he has an education in visual art.

He’d always been fascinated with dinosaurs, and one day at work, he dreamed up the idea to build one.

He had a pile of galvanized steel scrap from his above-ground pool.

“The water was constantly turning green, and I just got frustrated with it and pulled it down one day,” he said.

Kohman made a sketch for his T-Rex, which he said looks almost identical to the sculpture that lives in his yard. He started building it this summer, working on nights and weekends.

“I wanted to do something for my kids, to show them you can do what you want,” said Kohman, the father of four children, ages 13 to 7.

But he also built it for himself. “When I drive home at night, it makes me smile,” he said.

Kohman, who moved to the family’s Ernest Road home outside York from Minnesota about three years ago, said he would never have been able to have a steel dinosaur in his yard there.

“You couldn’t build a dinosaur in your front yard in most parts of Minnesota,” he said.

Jenelle Kohman, who shared pictures of the finished dinosaur on Facebook, said the family has had a lot of people stopping by to check out the T-Rex and take pictures.

“The kids love it,” she said. “They think it’s pretty cool that we’re known around York County for our dinosaur.”

Kohman said he plans to add some finishing touches, including a couple real Palmetto trees. He also wants to use the discarded pool liner to make a small pool next to the dinosaur.

Kohman said one of his goals has been to do larger installations like the dinosaur for cities and parks. He also enjoys doing murals. He hasn’t made plans for any more sculptures, but he’s not sure.

“I’m kind of one of those spur-of-the-moment people,” he said. “I never know what’s next.”

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