Medic headquarters is moving to Wilkinson Boulevard

Rendering of the new MEDIC facility on Wilkinson Boulevard.
Rendering of the new MEDIC facility on Wilkinson Boulevard. Mecklenburg EMS Agency — MEDIC

Mecklenburg’s Medic, the busiest 911 emergency medical service in the state, is moving to Wilkinson Boulevard.

Medic’s move is part of the county’s “Bringing Mecklenburg County to You,” a $165 million plan that will relocate, renovate or consolidate several county offices.

Initiated by County Manager Dena Diorio, it was devised to more conveniently serve the public and give employees better workplaces.

Site preparation for the new Medic facility at 4301 Wilkinson Blvd. kicked off in April, and the new building is expected to open by the end of 2017. It is at the intersection of Morris Field Drive, about halfway between uptown and Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

This new facility is budgeted to cost $48.3 million, and it will be over 180,000 square feet on almost 14 acres.

Medic has been in its facility on Statesville Road – which is about 90,000 square feet – since 1997. Then, the agencyhad 233 employees. Now, it hasmore than 500.

With roughly 70 ambulances and over 100 total vehicles, Medic’s Deputy Director Jeff Keith said the agencyhad to get creative with parking at itscurrent facility. The new headquarters, he said, will give Medic the space it needsfor vehicles and equipment.

Other projects in the county’s plan include the Land Use and Environmental Services Agency’s relocation, the Valerie C. Woodard Center renovation, and the relocation of several other government offices.

Joe Penner, Medic’s executive director, said in a video the new building will provide better training, dispatch and coordination facilities. “It will help the people who help the people be in a better position to serve them,” he said.

Keith said he is hopeful the new headquarters will propel development in the west Charlotte area. The former warehouses on the site have been vacant for some time. “These employees are going to need to eat, shop, get fuel –that brings value to the property around it,” he said.

Diorio said she is also excited the new facility will be on the Wilkinson Boulevard corridor.

“We are hopeful we can generate some other economic opportunity,” she said.