Pittenger lends his campaign $1.2 million

Robert Pittenger, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, loaned his campaign $1.2 million this month – bringing to $2.6 million the total he and his wife have loaned or given.

That's more than half the nearly $4.2 million he has raised since starting his campaign.

His Democratic opponent, Walter Dalton, has raised $2.3 million. He has no loans.

Pittenger and Dalton are vying to succeed Democratic Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue, who's running for governor.

Pittenger's biggest expenditure: $2.5 million on television ads, according to a report. His ads, critical of Dalton, feature animated pigs prancing around with bags of money.

Pittenger, a Charlotte real estate investor, had $183,000 in the bank on Oct. 18. Dalton, a Rutherfordton attorney, had $619,000.

“Robert Pittenger's use of his personal fortune to launch unsubstantiated, negative attacks will not hide his own record,” said Dalton spokeswoman Kimberly Reynolds. “He is simply out of touch with the working families of North Carolina.”

Said Pittenger adviser Bob Rosser: “Robert believes in what he's doing. And he has decided to make that sacrifice and believes he can make an impact in bringing reform to state government.”