Perdue's final push includes Charlotte

Democrat Bev Perdue campaigned in Republican Pat McCrory's backyard Monday as part of a final swing around the state.

Perdue made a lunchtime stop at the United House of Prayer on Beatties Ford Road. She was greeted by a delegation of Democratic elected officials, who almost outnumbered diners in the church cafeteria.

Surrounded by reporters and TV cameras, Perdue table-hopped.

“I might sit down and eat part of that chicken,” she said as she leaned down to greet Diedor Williams, a county employee eating baked chicken and green beans. Introducing herself, the lieutenant governor reminded him that her name is: “Perdue, like the chicken.”

Speaking to reporters, she defended ads her campaign for governor has aired against McCrory that he has said are aimed at pitting the rest of the state against Charlotte.

“We're all in this together,” she said of the allegation. “And tomorrow night all this will be laid to rest.”

Perdue accused McCrory of using a strategy to “conquer and divide.”

He hasn't conquered, she said. “He's just divided.”