Former Concord youth pastor sent to prison for molesting boys

A former youth pastor in Charlotte and Concord pleaded guilty today to taking indecent liberties with young boys who were in his care.

Judge Erwin Spainhour sentenced Bobby Price to serve an active prison sentence of at least 16 months.

There were lots of tears in that courtroom, under the terms of the plea agreement the judge gave Price as much time as he could, saying this was a heinous crime.

The mother of one of the victims said she felt used and that while trying to protect her child, every Sunday, Sunday night, and Wednesday, she took her little boy in a den of wolves and let him be attacked.

Dozens of family and friends stood in court to support Bobby Price, but when they left, they had not a word to say.

Assistant District Attorney Ashley Shanley also pointed out in court that Price's supporters never offered any help for the victims of the case.

The plea today dealt with two victims, identified as Victim A and Victim C. Both say Price molested them in his car, at the Kings Way Baptist Church in several buildings, in his home, and on outings.

The testimony in court was graphic. One victim wrote out a full statement describing how Price began to befriend him, then to offer to massage him. He said that the physical activity continued to escalate with Price molesting the victim.

Prosecutors also played a tape recorded phone conversation between one victim and Price. In the call, the victim asks Price if ever molested any other boys the way he molested him. The response from Price on the call was to say "I got nothing to hide...when I come to grips with, just, the way I, you know, it was just, just a horrible decision, I don't what to do to make it up."

In the same recorded call the victim asks Price if he knew that the victim had been awake while Price was molesting him. Price responds by saying "I'm not really about anything there."

While in Atlanta for a Braves game and a trip to Six flags, Price molested one victim he told to get in bed with him, according to testimony heard on Thursday.

The abuse happened between 2000 and 2006, the victims came forward in 2011.

That same year Price went to Nicaragua for two years.

Prosecutors said it was to flee the criminal case, his attorney said it was a mission trip that had already been planned. Price was indicted on the charges in April.

"I believe that the world is a safer place for the time that Bobby Price remains in prison," Seth Langson told WBTV. Langson represents one of the victims who was 11 at the time. "Victims of clergy abuse they get, their core gets ripped out, the lose their faith in God and the ability to believe in God or church.I cant think of a bigger betrayal than when a member of the clergy sexually abuses a child."

The sentence for Price was part of an Alford Plea. That's where defendants plead guilty to the charges without actually admitting guilt.

Prosecutors consolidated three charges of taking indecent liberties with a child into one, resulting in the 16-20 month prison active prison term. Price will also be required to register as a sex offender for 30 years.

The father of one of the victims spoke. He looked at that big crowd there to support Price, they were people he went to church with, and he told them he loved them, he told Price he was praying for him, but then he looked at Price and said "Bobby knows what he done wrong, I aint' got to tell him, I didn't know. I was fooled."

There is still an unresolved case from Mecklenburg County involving Price and an incident at a Charlotte church.