Transgender Democrat from Charlotte hospitalized at DNC

Charlottean Janice Covington Allison was injured in a fall at the DNC Tuesday
Charlottean Janice Covington Allison was injured in a fall at the DNC Tuesday

One of North Carolina’s best known Democratic Party officials was in a Philadelphia area hospital Thursday after the Charlotte woman injured herself in a fall outside the Democratic National Convention.

Janice Covington Allison, who is the first transgender woman elected to a DNC standing committee, says she was being treated for a serious foot sprain and an infection that set in after she tumbled over a folding chair left on a crowded sidewalk outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The incident occurred Tuesday morning and Allison said she checked into the hospital Wednesday, after it became difficult to walk at the convention.

“The chair had been left there by a panhandler, I’m told, and you couldn’t see it because the sidewalk was so crowded. All I remember is seeing people start falling and then I was one of them,” said Allison, adding that passersby quickly offered help to the fallen.

“We all tripped over each other. I like to broke my neck and it hurt my pride.”

Allison is at the Democratic National Convention this week serving on the credentials committee that oversees delegate credentials. She says she intends to fly back to Charlotte Friday afternoon, and will continue her treatment at an area hospital.

Allison has been a leader in the North Carolina Democratic Party for more than a decade, including serving as a state delegate to the Democratic party’s national convention in 2012. She made headlines last year for being escorted by police from a Charlotte city government women’s restroom, during the city council debate over whether to adopt nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people. Charlotte officials have described that incident as a misunderstanding.