Charlotte musician: I was kidnapped and pistol-whipped in NoDa


Drake Margolnick
Drake Margolnick

A Charlotte musician said he is going to perform Thursday night to celebrate life after he reported to police being pistol-whipped and kidnapped from NoDa during a morning jog on Wednesday.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (CMPD) officers said they are investigating the case aggressively, but there are still a lot of questions.

NoDa is a neighborhood with places to eat and hang out. However, it makes sense to be careful.

"Even with Growlers Pourhouse here, we’re open until 2 a.m. We have people closing up, we always make sure they’re here with a team member," said co-owner Jamie Brown. She learned of what happened to Drake Margolnick Thursday morning.

"Absolutely frightening, we’re really sad to hear about it," Brown said.

Margolnick said he hangs out in NoDa. He keeps different hours, and began jogging from his home around 4 in the morning when he said he was attacked mid-run with headphones in his ears.

“My initial reaction was, 'this must be someone messing with me,'" Margolnick said. "Then I look up - there are three dudes around me."

He quickly realized he was in trouble and still has a bruise one his eye.

"Then I got pistol-whipped here, real hard and that stunned me real good," Margolnick said. "And they threw me in the car."

Margolnick said he didn't have his wallet, so the three men - along with a driver - drove him to his home on Country Club Drive.

"One of the guys keeps me out here with a gun to my head the whole time and said if I said anything or made any sounds to warn my roommate they’d kill me," Margolnick said, "So I was quiet."

He said the kidnappers and thieves went inside and took his television and computer.

"When they made me get back in, that’s when I was like, 'oh crap this is going to go bad,'" Margolnick said.

He said the conversation during the drive was also threatening.

"They talked amongst themselves about whether they should pop me or not," said Margolnick. "I was pretty sure I was going to get killed at that point, when they were like 'let’s just pop him, let’s kill him.'"

Margolnick said he thought he would be killed. He said his assailants took him to Monroe Road - a dead end street - and made him lay face down.

"I laid there for about five minutes, just didn’t want to look up," Margolnick said. "They said if I moved I’d get shot."

After five minutes they were gone. Margolnick said he ran for help, being careful to avoid the main roads, to call police for help.

"I hope they find them, I just don’t know if they will," Margolnick said.

He said he talked to police, but wasn't able to give a great description since his head was down for most of the time. Thursday afternoon he appeared calm, but said he had his moment where he cried. He doesn't think he'll move and said he isn't fearful.

Margolnick said he has a solo performance scheduled Thursday night at Visulite. He told his friends and family he is performing as a way to celebrate life.