Donald Ducks mascot calls out Trump for ‘constant ducking on taxes’

The Democratic National Committee’s new “Donald Ducks” character waddled outside the Charlotte Convention Center on Thursday night, as Republican Donald Trump prepared to speak at a rally for his presidential campaign inside.

The DNC introduced the mascot in front of Trump Tower in New York City earlier Thursday.

Outside the convention center, the mascot held a sign that read, “Donald Ducks Releasing His Tax Returns.”

“We are here to ask Donald Trump the question, why is he ducking releasing his tax returns?” the duck’s representative, Kim Simon, said as the pair stood outside the convention center.

Trump has refused to make his filings public, saying they’re under audit by the Internal Revenue Service. All major U.S. presidential candidates in modern history have released their returns.

“We would like to know what it is that he’s hiding,” Simon said. “Is he ducking the fact that he’s not making as much as he says he does? Is he ducking the fact that he doesn’t give to charities in the way that he says he does?

“So Donald Ducks will be waddling his way from pond to pond across our great country, trying to get Donald Trump to answer these questions.”

Joe Marusak: 704-358-5067, @jmarusak