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NCSU sex complaint leads to drug probe at frat

Information from a woman who said she was sexually assaulted at a North Carolina State University fraternity house March 1 led campus police to search the house for cocaine, ecstasy and LSD, according to a search warrant returned to the Wake County court clerk's office Thursday.

Officers seized drug paraphernalia, white powder and an orange liquid during the search at Alpha Tau Omega at 1402 Varsity Drive, Sgt. J.P. Dye wrote.

There have been no arrests stemming from the assault complaint or the search.

On the afternoon of March 1, the woman called police to report what they termed “a possible sexual assault” early that morning.

When Dye interviewed the woman, she told him she had seen drugs being sold in a common area and in a fraternity brother’s room in the one-story, brick house that the school owns.

The woman also said she had seen several assaults in the frat house, including an individual being thrown through a bedroom window, Dye told a magistrate when applying for the search warrant.

The drugs being sold were “cocaine, acid, ecstasy and Klonopin,” the woman told Dye, according to his affidavit.

Klonopin is a brand name in the U.S. for clonazepam, a drug used to treat seizure and panic disorders.

The woman was able to identify the drugs because fraternity members offered told her what they were when they offered them to her, Dye wrote.

Dye told the magistrate he went by the Alpha Tau Omega house the same evening and saw glass missing from a window where the woman had said it would be after the person was thrown through it.

The investigator also said he could smell marijuana coming from inside the house while he was in a car parked 20 feet away.

Dye got the search warrant, and police went into the fraternity about 11:20 p.m., the records showed.

In addition to the powder and the liquid, Dye’s list of items seized from the common area and the frat member’s bedroom included a digital scale, plastic bags, grape-flavored cigarillos and flavored cigarette wrapping papers.

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