Authorities rounding up Lincoln, Catawba drug suspects

Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter
Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter David Carpenter

Catawba and Lincoln county sheriff’s narcotics investigators fanned out across their counties shortly after 5:30 a.m. Wednesday to arrest 50 drug suspects in each county.

Armed with warrants, teams of officers were assigned a list of suspects to arrest and take before magistrates and then to jail.

“Operation 50-50 is being conducted as a joint operation with Catawba County because of our close working relationship,” Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter said in announcing the launch of the roundup.

“We utilize every possible resource available to seek out and apprehend the scum that continue to plague our neighborhoods with the sale and delivery of illegal drugs,” Carpenter said.

In Lincoln County, the 50 targeted suspects face about 220 felony drug charges, according to figures released Wednesday morning. Twenty of the suspects face multiple trafficking charges and mandatory prison time if found guilty.

The offenders range in age from 18 to 71, and over half of them are repeat offenders.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office decided to combine efforts with Catawba County investigators after seeing more out-of-county residents bringing controlled substances into the county for distribution over the past year, Lincoln County sheriff’s narcotics Lt. Jason Reid said.

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