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A brawl broke out at a NC Chuck E. Cheese, and the internet is loving the video

Video of a weekend brawl at a Chuck E. Cheese in Fayetteville is spreading across the internet, with nearly 3,000 shares on Facebook by Wednesday.

Three men and a woman were charged with simple assault after Sunday afternoon’s fight, media outlets reported.

Police said an argument led to a fight involving numerous people, WRAL reported. One person was hurt, although not seriously.

The video shows parents throwing punches after one witness said another parent cursed at someone else’s child, according to ABC affiliate WTVD. The four who were arrested are accused of fighting with their hands, feet and teeth, the station reported.

“I think it’s a shame you can’t take kids anywhere without adults acting like that,” patron Robin Skipper told the station. “It was bad; there were kids screaming. I was worried about my kids getting trampled by the fight.”

A Fayetteville man’s video shows other Chuck E. Cheese patrons walking up to the brawl, including a mom and her baby.

“Chuck E. Cheese’s!!!!! In front of all them kids!?!?” Delvon Taylor posted with his video.

“Just sad,” one woman posted in reaction to the video.

“Wow!! Shame!” wrote another.

“AND YOU WANTED TO TAKE ME THERE THE OTHER DAY?!?!” one woman posted to another. “Don’t ever take my god sons there!!!”

“I guess I’m glad we didn’t do Sammy’s birthday that weekend,” another woman posted .

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