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Rowan authorities arrest man on charges of stealing car with child inside

Derrick Dashawn Brown
Derrick Dashawn Brown Rowan County Sheriff’s Office

A man accused of stealing a car from a convenience store parking lot in Rowan County early Wednesday with a 3-year-old child inside has been arrested.

Derrick Dashawn Brown, 20, was arrested and booked into the Rowan County jail early Friday.

The car, with the child still safely inside, was later recovered about a mile from the scene.

Police say a man stopped at the Pop Shoppe in the 1800 block of W. Innes Street in Salisbury just after midnight on Wednesday morning to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets. He left his car, a Ford Escape, in the lot with the engine running and the doors unlocked.

According to police, a man jumped into the car and took off. The child’s father and a worker at the store ran out to chase the car.

“It's heartbreaking the first time I saw it, it made me cry, you know it’s any parent’s nightmare," said Vicky Stillman, the owner of Pop Shoppe.

A short time later a woman contacted police to ask them to check on a suspicious vehicle in front of her home on Tabernacle Street.

When police arrived they found the Ford Escape with the child still inside.

Brown is charged with kidnapping and larceny of a motor vehicle. He is in jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Salisbury Police at 704-638-5333, or Salisbury-Rowan Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.