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Pumpkin crime in Charlotte happens, but not on Halloween itself in recent years

Observer file photo
Observer file photo Marty Price

Your pumpkins have been pretty safe on Halloween in recent years, according to an analysis of local police crime reports.

While people have allegedly shot at pumpkins, stolen pumpkins and damaged a car with a pumpkin during recent Octobers, the day of Halloween itself had no pumpkin-related crime reports in 2017 or 2018.

A search for police reports mentioning the word “pumpkin” showed that three incidents involved pumpkins in October 2017 and two incidents involved pumpkins in October 2018.

In one case, someone fired a rifle at a pumpkin in a field in the Oakhurst neighborhood, late at night on Oct. 14, according to a report and information from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

Throwing pumpkins can have consequences, the reports reveal.

On Oct. 7 in south Charlotte, someone threw a pumpkin at the rear window of a car and caused $400 in damage, one report said.

And in 2017, a 14-year-old boy threw a pumpkin in a Davidson parking lot, causing a small dent near the driver’s side door of a car.

The car’s owner called the police to document the incident, and investigators determined the damage was accidental, according to the report.

The mother of the 14-year-old agreed to pay for the damage, which was estimated at $200, the report said.

The other two cases in 2017 involved theft, and in both cases, the victim reported that other items in the yard were stolen, too.

It seems likely that some pumpkin theft and other minor issues were not reported to police.

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