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Pineville Police investigate report of inappropriate touching at Pineville Elementary

Site where the incident is alleged to have occurred.
Site where the incident is alleged to have occurred.

Pineville Police are currently investigating an alleged incident that occurred between 8-year-old male and female students at Pineville Elementary School.

The incident reportedly occurred on Wednesday morning and involved inappropriate touching of the outer area of a student’s clothing by another student on the school’s playground.

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The mother of the child that was allegedly inappropriately touched spoke to WBTV in an interview Thursday night.

She asked to remain anonymous for the interview. Her daughter is in the third grade at Pineville Elementary School.

The mother said she got a call Wednesday afternoon about the incident. The principal was letting her know what had happened.

“(They) said ‘your daughter was in an incident on the playground. A little boy tackled her to the ground, forced another boy to put his hand and grab her in her crotch area and as she was trying to get up, the boy that pinned her down, pulled her pants down’,” recalled the worried parent.

She said she was livid after she had been told about what happened. She said she immediately started heading towards the school and notified police about what she had been told.

The mother claims it wasn’t until she arrived at the school and spoke with the principal that she was told the incident took place several hours earlier in the day.

“I said ‘why did you wait til three o’clock to call me? Why did you not call me immediately?’” questioned the mother.

She said she was also troubled by the lack of information she was given about the students accused of touching her daughter.

She said she didn’t get a chance to meet with the children or speak to their parents. The concerned parent explained that she wants to make sure the children are held accountable for what happened and that they understand the severity of what they’re accused of.

“I ultimately don’t want any kid to go spend the rest of their life in jail. That’s not my objective, but they need to understand how serious this is,” said the worried mom.

She said she plans on keeping her daughter out of Pineville Elementary and is considering having the child homeschooled.

CMS sent WBTV a statement from Pineville Elementary School Principal Brian Doerer regarding the incident.

Pineville Elementary School Principal Brian Doerer sent a statement to parents of students at the school:

“Pineville Elementary families, This is Principal Doerer with an important message. You may have heard reports about a student incident on the playground Wednesday. The incident is being investigated by law enforcement and the school. Any student who violated the Code of Student Conduct was disciplined according to the code. We take the safety and well-being of our students seriously. Thank you for your support of Pineville Elementary,” said the statement.

No further information has been released on this time as the investigation continues.