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Man rose through sunroof of moving Lexus to fire rifle at Albemarle officer, cops say

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Someone stood up through the sunroof of a Lexus and shot at an Albemarle police officer on N.C. 27, the town’s police department announced Sunday.

The officer was not hurt, but another driver nearby was hit by a ricocheting bullet. That person was treated at the scene and released, police said.

Albemarle police had been looking for a black Lexus because around noon Sunday, they found a gold 2002 Chevrolet truck with a bullet hole in its passenger door. The truck had crashed near T.E. White Drive and Elizabeth Avenue, and no driver was in sight, police said.

Then someone appeared and claimed to be the truck’s driver, police said, but that person wouldn’t provide any information on the shooting. Neighbors told police they saw someone in a black Lexus shoot at the truck.

When Albemarle Police Officer Blake Evans spotted a black Lexus on N.C. 27 near Taco Bell, he turned on his blue lights and siren, police said.

That’s when a man with a high-powered rifle stood up through the sunroof and shot at Evans’ car, police said.

In addition to the ricochet bullet that hit another driver, shots hit Evans’ car in three places, police said. One shot, through the grill, hit the radiator and disabled the car.

Anyone with information about the black Lexus or its passengers can call Albemarle Police at 704-984-9500 or leave an anonymous tip at 704-984-9511, police said.

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