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Days after killing at Carolina Place Mall, no one has been charged, police say

No one has been charged in Sunday’s homicide at Carolina Place Mall, a Pineville Police Department spokesman told the Observer Wednesday.

Khali Amir Holmes, 24, was killed around 12:15 p.m. at DTLR, which sells athletic and “urban lifestyle” clothing and accessories, according to its website. The wing of the mall containing that store was closed Sunday afternoon, while the rest of the mall stayed open.

Police believe Holmes knew an employee at the store and had an “ongoing dispute” with that employee, according to statements from Pineville Police spokesman Lt. Corey Copley.

On Sunday, Copley released a statement saying that the store employee was in a physical fight with Holmes before the shooting. Then, according to the statement, the employee shot Holmes.

The employee turned himself in to the Pineville Police Department within an hour of the incident, according to police.

Copley said Wednesday that the employee is not in police custody. Police are not releasing his name because he has not been charged with a crime.

Police had not yet presented the case to the District Attorney’s office as of Wednesday morning, Copley said.

Investigators were still conducting follow-up interviews Wednesday, Copley said.

Jane Wester is a Charlotte native and has been covering criminal justice and public safety for The Charlotte Observer since May 2017.