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SWAT team swarms Pineville home, arrests man linked to detonating explosive device

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police SWAT team swarmed a home less than a mile from downtown Pineville and arrested a man on a warrant search.

The incident happened on Cone Avenue near the old water tower. From WBTV’s Sky3, a heavy police and SWAT presence could be seen in the area, with some officers in tactical gear.

Officers appeared to be focusing on the backyard of a home. WBTV’s Ron Lee confirmed the SWAT team surrounded the home before arresting a man who they say detonated a incendiary device in Elizabeth last year.

Neighbors told WBTV that two people were handcuffed by police and led away from the home. A woman was later released from custody. WBTV viewer Joe Leighty sent in video showing a man surrounded by heavily armored officers being led to police cruisers on the street.

Police have not yet released the reason they were called to the home and have yet to identify the two people who neighbors claim were arrested on the scene.

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