Rock Hill police: 4 shot when drug deal turns violent

Four men were shot and five people – including three of those hit by gunfire – were arrested after an apparent drug deal, Rock Hill police said.

Police were called Friday night to Pepper Ridge Apartments in the 1800 block of Springsteen Road, near the Target store off Dave Lyle Boulevard, where the shootings apparently occurred.

Police said Zachary Vaverchak, 20, was charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm during a violent crime and carrying a pistol unlawfully; Darius Stevenson, 19, was charged with attempted armed robbery, carrying a pistol unlawfully and conspiracy; Alec McCoy, 20, was charged with attempted armed robbery and criminal conspiracy; Joseph Grobusky, 22, was charged with obstruction of justice; and Andrew Snyder, 24, was charged with accessory. All are from Rock Hill. THE ROCK HILL HERALD