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On 1st night in home, dad fires 39 shots at naked ‘devil’ — and misses, Va. family says

The first night in a dream home turned into a nightmare for a Virginia family.

A naked woman broke into the home on the first night the family was staying there and said she was the devil before gunshots were fired and a brawl broke out between the intruder and the residents, WRIC reported.

Chesterfield County Police said the violent confrontation happened July 4, when a male homeowner discovered the woman had entered his home, according to WWBT.

The woman, who has not been publicly identified, and was only described as nude with blue hair in a ponytail, laughed when she was asked to leave, telling the man “I’m the devil,” per WRIC.

The man used a handgun to fire numerous “warning shots” to scare off the woman, but was unsuccessful, WTVR reported.

Undeterred, the woman approached the man and they got into a fight that ended up involving two other family members as they tried to force the woman out, according to the TV station.

In all, 39 shots were fired and furniture was thrown at the woman, as well as punches, in the brawl that also involved the man’s wife and his 12-year-old son, who incapacitated the woman when he hit her in the neck with a wrench, according to WRIC.

“She had the strength of four grown men,” the father said of the intruder, the TV station reported.

No one was shot, but police said the woman and man were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, per WWBT.

“First night in our beautiful home when an intruder decides to enter ... and tries to take our life one at a time,” Melissa Lewis said in an online fundraiser. “My husband tried to defend us and she was determined to kill us.”

When she is released from the hospital, the woman is expected to be charged with multiple crimes, WTVR reported.

Pictures of the home Lewis shared on the fundraiser show walls and windows riddled with bullet holes and blood-stained carpets.

“We have lost our home we have lost furniture,” Lewis said on the fundraiser. “We have lost it all. In a hotel not knowing how long will be able to do this.”

Lewis said she is scared to return to the home, saying “I won’t even go into any room by myself, I’m terrified,” WRIC reported.

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