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Tesla records woman keying car in Charlotte park, police report filed

Tesla owner Michael McEown just wants to know why a woman felt the need to key his car at a public park in Charlotte.

McEown, a Concord resident, said he was playing tennis at a Sugar Creek Community Park off Sugar Creek Road back in early July. He had driven his white Tesla Model 3 to the park.

After finishing up his match on the tennis courts, McEown said he returned to his vehicle and found it had been scratched while he was playing.

“I had noticed a big, long dark scratch, or dark kind of mark across the full length of my car which I had to check out and see how I got that mark,” explained McEown.

Because his vehicle has several built-in cameras, McEown was able to review his video footage and see how the mark was created. Video from the Tesla shows a woman brush by the car with her tennis bag and then walk by once more and intentionally scratch the car. McEown said he does not know the woman and had no interaction with her on the tennis courts.

“No physical interaction, no words exchanged, nothing like that. I don’t even know how she would know I was the owner of the vehicle. She may not even have known that. I don’t know,” said McEown.

He has not been able to figure out why his car was targeted. He said he doesn’t even think he was parked too close to the woman’s vehicle.

“I was trying to figure out, did I park too close? That’s kind of the only reason I could come up with, but it didn’t look like I was too close. Honestly, I don’t know why and that’s kind of what I’m seeking. I’d like to know ‘why’,” explained McEown.

The Tesla owner said that within 10 minutes of his car being scratched, another man was recorded tugging on the vehicle’s doors. The footage of this incident has also been saved.

McEown has filed two separate police reports about the incidents that happened on that July morning.

He’s hoping that sharing his story will serve as a warning for other potential thieves and vandals.

“I’m hoping that maybe people learn that the cameras on these vehicles are going to maybe, hopefully prevent further incidents,” said McEown.

If you recognize either of the people seen in the Tesla surveillance clips, please contact Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. Tipsters can remain anonymous.