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More batteries stolen from AT&T hubs

Lincoln County sheriff’s detectives are investigating the theft of batteries from AT&T hubs in the eastern end of the county.

Batteries were stolen Saturday from hubs in the 8500 block of Unity Church Road and 200 block of Club Drive.

At the Unity Church Road site, cables had been cut and four batteries were stolen, creating low power and slow Internet speed.

On Club Drive, 20 batteries were taken from four boxes.

An AT&T employee told officers he believes the person responsible is familiar with the boxes and knows how to turn off the door alarms after opening the boxes.

The employee said it takes a special tool to open the boxes. All doors were shut and locked when the employee arrived at the site, investigators said.

In each break-in, the boxes transmitted a low-battery alarm.

Earlier this year, three other hubs in eastern Lincoln County were the target of thieves – at 4193 N.C. 73, at 6641 King Wilkinson Road and at 3841 N.C. 73.

Anyone with information about the incidents or anyone having an unusual number of batteries about the size of lawn mower batteries is asked the call the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 704-732-9050, the Lincoln County Communications Center at 704-735-8202 or Crime Stoppers at 704-736-8909.

Crime Stoppers offers a reward of up to $1,000 for infomration leading to an arrest and conviction.

Joe Marusak: 704-358-5067, @jmarusak