Live updates from the Randall Kerrick trial Tuesday

The Charlotte Observer has multiple reporters in the courtroom covering the trial of Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick, who is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting of 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell. For background on today’s proceedings, click here.

10 a.m.: Attorneys are questioning potential jurors, and have already spoken with four. Two have been excused. Only two potential jurors were questioned Monday, and both were excused.

Jurors are being asked what they know about the case and about recent police-involved killings in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore.

One potential juror, a paralegal, wrote in a questionnaire that she believes the city’s police officers need to be better trained. Lawyers on both sides said they were OK with her sitting on the jury.

Another potential juror wrote that when she heard about the case on TV, she “thought he was guilty,” referring to Kerrick, and said police sometimes “react before they think.”

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