Two Catawba College roommates charged in drug case

Jordan Lee Chillson
Jordan Lee Chillson Rowan County Sheriff’s Office

Two roommates at Catawba College in Salisbury were arrested after campus officials found heroin and amphetamines in their dorm room, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said.

Administrators searched the room in the Goodman East residence hall after one of the students was charged in a vehicle break-in Wednesday. Deputies said they found several sheets of aluminum foil with a black residue in the student’s wallet. The residue is consistent with heroin use, investigators said.

In the dorm room, officials found heroin, 170 amphetamine pills and drug paraphernalia, investigators said. They also found aluminum foil similar to the foil in the wallet.

Charged were Jordan Lee Chillson, 22, of Mooresville, and Kevin Brian Scott, 22, of Charlotte.

Joe Marusak