SBI agent leaves firearm inside public restroom, gun found by young girl

An internal investigation is underway after a North Carolina state investigator is accused of leaving a firearm inside a public restroom before it was found by a five-year-old girl.

The father of the little girl contacted WBTV Tuesday asking us to dig into the story.

The man said his family was eating at the Mexicasa Restaurant & Grill in Harrisburg Saturday night when the little girl went into the restroom. She came back out and told her mom that there was a gun in the restroom.

The mother went inside and saw the gun and the family notified the restaurant staff. The staff then got the gun and called the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office.

According to the sheriff's office, deputies arrived on scene a few minutes later and a female agent had already come back to the restaurant to get her firearm. Officials believe the agent got to her vehicle, noticed the missing firearm and came back inside.

According to a spokesperson from the SBI, the agency is aware of the incident and is conducting an internal investigation.

WBTV asked the SBI if the agent has been placed on leave pending the investigation and if they firearm was loaded at the time it was found by the young girl. The spokesperson did not have that information readily available at this time.

One official told WBTV the young girl was "clearly trained well" to tell her parents as soon as she saw the firearm.

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