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Rock Hill woman who buried dead baby in yard set for court

Tara Ostrowski
Tara Ostrowski

The Rock Hill woman arrested for having a baby boy at home then burying the child in her backyard after the child survived a few minutes is expected in court Thursday morning.

Tara Ostrowski, 39, faces up to 10 years in prison. She was charged in July with unlawful conduct toward the child after the birth in May where the baby lived five to seven minutes before Ostrwoski buried the boy in the yard, police and prosecutors said. Toxicology tests showed narcotic painkillers and methamphetamine in the child’s system.

Although the coroner’s office ruled the baby’s death a homicide after a two-month investigation, prosecutors said at the time of arrest there was no evidence that Ostrowski intentionally killed the child whose size was consistent with about 36 weeks of development.

Ostrowski has a 2012 conviction for domestic violence against her husband in an incident where she claimed she was also the victim.

Ostroski hid her pregnancy from her family. Authorities only found out about the child being buried in the backyard after Ostroski told an informant the baby was born May 18. Ostrowski admitted to police she had the baby at home after hiding the pregnancy then buried the body.

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