Older man sent teen girl lingerie with stolen credit card, York police say

A mother’s concern over unordered packages led police to determine a teenage girl was receiving expensive items, including several pieces of lingerie, sent by an older man using stolen credit card information.

A woman reported to York police that her 13-year-old daughter had received an iPhone that she had not purchased, the latest of several unordered packages the girl had received. When questioned by police, the girl said the items had been ordered for her by a 25-year-old man she met online and shipped to a friend’s house so her mother wouldn’t receive them at her home, according to a police report.

Among the items shipped to the girl were several pieces of Victoria’s Secret underwear, including thong panties and push-up bras. Other items shipped to the girl were video games, a Beats audio player, jewelry, other clothing and even acne face wash and a variety pack of potato chips. The purchases totaled more than $1,000.

The daughter wouldn’t tell officers any more about the man she called “Cody,” and claimed she had deleted all text conversations between her and the man when police confiscated her cell phone.

Under questioning, the teen said the items had been ordered online using numbers she had copied from different credit cards. Police spoke to the owners of the home were the packages had been shipped, who said they had been receiving packages in the name of the girl and her sister for the past couple months.

Investigators asked they turn over any more packages that had already been shipped for the girl but had not yet arrived.

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