Rock Hill grandmother to drive-by shooter: ‘You’re going to hell’

Marguerite Moore in front of her Harrison Street home.
Marguerite Moore in front of her Harrison Street home.

Garland, bells and Christmas lights still adorn a small Rock Hill house, now riddled with bullet holes after a drive-by shooting Monday night while the elderly owners were inside.

Marguerite Moore, 70, and her husband Marion Moore, 75, have lived at 801 Harrison St. for 50 years. Marguerite Moore was sitting in the den at the front of the house with the TV on, going through some papers at about 10:15 p.m., while her husband was in bed.

“I heard something I thought was a brick” hit the window, she said. “Then they come through here, shooting again. I said, ‘Uh-uh, that’s a gun.’ I fell down and went and got my husband.”

They immediately called 911.

“I said, ‘Please, please send somebody out here. Somebody’s about to kill me and my husband,’ ” Marguerite Moore said, then a dispatcher told her, “Ms. Marguerite, you stay in that hallway. Don’t go out that hallway.”

Neither were injured.

Officers searched the area but could not find a suspect vehicle near the scene.

Seven bullet holes run from one end of the house to the other, including one in the middle of the front door, just under some jingle bells. Four of the bullets went through the wall and into the house, hitting a refrigerator, a china cabinet, a bed and a bookcase.

“The police said if that bullet hadn’t stopped on that big old bookcase I got in there,” Marguerite Moore said, “it’d have gotten me.”

The Moores’ son, James Walls, was down the street watching a football game at another family member’s home.

“His wife came in the room and told me, ‘The police are down at your mom’s house,’ ” Walls said. “I got 45 years here. It’s never happened while I’ve been here.”

Walls said his 18-year-old son has been living at the home. He believes his son was the target and has an idea who is behind the drive-by shooting.

Detectives have no leads on suspects at this point, said Capt. Mark Bollinger, spokesman for the Rock Hill Police Department.

“The victims think it may have been somebody that had a grudge against one of their grandsons,” he said.

The police report states the grandson is a “known gang member” and indicates the possibility of an “officer safety issue.” Bollinger said it’s not yet clear if the shooting was gang-related.

Monday’s shooting happened less than a half-mile from where a man was shot in the face outside a home on Friedheim Street on Sunday night. Bollinger said investigators have no reason to believe the two shootings are related.

Marguerite Moore said their neighborhood is the kind where everyone calls her “Mama,” and where neighbors helped remove a tree that had fallen on their home during a winter storm.

“I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke,” she said. “The only thing I do is love the Lord and go to church and try to live right.”

Walls said the neighborhood isn’t the problem.

“It’s just the young boys that ain’t from over here want to come and hang out around here,” he said. “Disrespectful, young generation. That’s all it is. Black, white, Mexican – whatever. It’s this young generation.”

Moore and her husband stayed at her sister’s house Monday night, but they didn’t sleep.

“They might come back, finish the job,” she said. “You can’t run and hide. You’re going to hell. Shooting up an old man, 75 years old, and an old lady, 70 years old – shooting them up for no reason at all. We love our home.”

Teddy Kulmala: 803-329-4082, @teddy_kulmala