Homeowner turns sleuth to help authorities nab break-in suspects

Kevin Shawn Hurley
Kevin Shawn Hurley Rowan County Sheriff’s Office

A Rowan County homeowner turned sleuth after his home was broken into and various appliances and other furnishings stolen.

The homeowner went online, found some of the items for sale on a website and contacted the seller and Rowan County sheriff’s investigators.

The homeowner pretended to be interested in buying the items from the seller. But when the seller agreed to meet the homeowner, little did he know the people accompanying the homeowner were undercover sheriff’s detectives.

The homeowner and detectives were shown a microwave that still had the victim’s purchase receipt inside, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

Detectives also found two ceiling fans from the break-in when they searched the seller’s home. One of the fans had already been installed in the living room.

The items had been stolen recently from the victim’s home that was still under construction on Reedy Creek Road.

At the seller’s home, investigators also discovered a deer bone marijuana smoking pipe, two glass methamphetamine smoking pipes, a used needle, two silver spoons with white powder residue and a small plastic bag with a smiley face design containing an off-white crystal substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Investigators arrested Kevin Hurley and Shannon Herlocker on breaking and entering and drug charges. Hurley was in the Rowan County Detention Center on $20,000 bail Thursday and Herlocker on $15,000 bail.

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