Police: Dog bites Lancaster burglar, shotgun standoff with cops ensues

A Lancaster man who was bitten by the victim’s dog during a burglary remains jailed after he threatened 10 deputies with a shotgun before surrendering, authorities said.

Casey Wayne Faile, 30, was found bloody inside a home on Camp Creek Road Wednesday night, an hour after the homeowner saw him and told him to leave her property, deputies said.

The burglary victim confronted Faile, who then fled before he was found kneeling near a church, deputies said.

Faile was armed with a sawed-off shotgun and threatened to shoot the deputies several times, police said, before finally surrendering. Faile was apparently bitten by the homeowner’s dog during the break-in, police said, and he also was found with illegal drugs when arrested.

Faile is charged with burglary, weapons violations, threatening the life of a public official and drug possession.