6th suspect arrested in drive-by shooting that hurt 4-year-old Shelby girl

Aryanna Odoms
Aryanna Odoms WBTV

Six suspects have now been arrested in a Shelby drive-by shooting case.

Robert Lee Strong, 23, and Lance Neach Jackson, 26, were charged in the shooting in the last day, according to Shelby police.

The incident happened Monday just after 11 p.m. at a home on Tom Street. Police said a car pulled into the neighborhood and someone inside the vehicle opened fire. As many as 50 shots rang out, hitting trees, rooftops and walls.

A 4-year old, Aryanna Odoms, was hit during the shooting and is recovering at Carolinas Medical Center.

“You put a child in the mix — that’s a game changer,” Chief Jeffrey Ledford said. “It’s tragic what she’s going through, her and her family all, that’s something no 4-year-old should have to endure.”

Cameron Shrader, 24, Patrick Rucker, 25, Julian Kyle Jackson, 24, and Marquise Santonio Beam, 24, were arrested Thursday in the case. Detectives are still trying to figure out the motive.

“We don’t think it was the wrong house,” Ledford said. “One of the questions we’re working to answer is — was the house the target or was a person the target?”

Strong has been charged with two counts of discharging a firearm into a dwelling and one assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Strong and Jackson have been charged with discharging a firearm into a dwelling and assault with a deadly weapon.

Their first court dates has been set for May 31. Bother are being held by the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office under $250,000 bonds.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Shelby Police Department at 704-484-6845 or anonymously at 704-481-8477.